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Post by Admin on Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:00 pm

I been a proud owner of a Oculus Rift for about a year now, it's one of my new passions, yes other then animating I love to play games or create games, but most of all my love is Animation, But when you combine Animation with VR it's like a dream that became a reality, I say this because I just bought a copy of a Vr Animation program called (Tvori) and I'm blown away! with Tvori you can create set just like in muvizu but you create it around you, you can import your own models or you can use the assets that came with Tvori, or you can create models in Tvori and then Export them, Like Muvizu you can add attachments but you have more then just the Head,Neck,Shoulders,waist,Back,Chest, and feet, have the whole body, and that feature work just like assigning bones in a 3d modeling software, anyways I been experimenting with Tvori, learning all of it's features and how to build sets by editing a set that came with Tvori, here is a screen shot!

                                                                   Animation in VR 2r3gvpu

Tvori works different from Muvizu, instead of using actions to control movements, or walk around, you move each part of the body while recording, you have two options when recording, you can use Key Frames while recording in the timeline, or you can just record in real time just by movining the character's body parts around, you can do the same to any other objects in your scene, everything you need to make your scenes are all included, lighting, objects, skyboxes, and effect particle system,

Animation in VR 2zzm9mf

and when you are done you can export your videos in Hd, I'm still Learning everything so as I learn more I'll post to show you more!

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