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Post by Admin on Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:16 pm

One of the features I always wished they would of added to muvizu, is an Action Editor so you don't have to keep using the same old actions to your characters, don't get me wrong I love Muvizu, but I always get annoyed with the actions you have to use and try to make it look like they are doing something different, this is why I always used Key Framing with cut off body parts with the camera in the right position,I figure if they could added an editor like a little 3d modeler window that pops up with a character model with bones attached, it would have it's own little timeline, and you move the bones around by adding key frames until you get the movement you want, then you can save it in a favorite tab just like you do with modified characters and objects, or just add it to the action list.

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